When did Hamden become Quinnipiac University?

Did I miss something? I know Quinnipiac University has been buying up land to expand the University; I’ve been keeping track of that. However, the last time I checked, the town of Hamden, CT was not purchased by Quinnipiac University. So, why is it that Quinnipiac security is allowed to “off-road” and patrol their students off-campus?

In an article published this past weekend by Kendra Butters of The Quad News, it was learned that there is a special section in the Quinnipiac student handbook that clarifies that Quinnipiac security will venture off-campus, even on to property they do not own, to ensure “the health, safety and welfare of… Quinnipiac students.”

It was reported both in The Chronicle and The Quad News that an off-campus party that was held at a house (not owned by QU) being rented by QU seniors was also attended by QU security – but not to party. According to a student who was present at the house when security arrived, security came and questioned the residents of the house. In the ensuing days the students, also members of the Quinnipiac lacrosse team, were reportedly suspended from Quinnipiac. Is Quinnipiac doing this to protect their students safety, or their public image in Hamden? Better yet, what does the town of Hamden think about this?

As recent as last year, the University chose not to contact the Hamden Police Department after “acts of hatred” occurred on campus. In an interview printed by The Chronicle last year, the student who was victimized told the student newspaper that she felt the University should have possibly contacted the police. Is Quinnipiac trying to keep things quiet on and off-campus?

What this deserves is a debate. Should Quinnipiac be allowed to do this? Some may argue that what students do off-campus is none of their business. Others may argue that they are looking out for the safety of their students and taking responsibility for their actions.

Students of Quinnipiac: let your voices be heard, and stand up for whatever side you think is right.

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  1. Certainly, QU security should not have quasi-police powers off-campus–as they may on the private property of the campus. But I see no reason that a Quinnipiac employee may not operate in an official capacity off campus. If our university president had knocked on the door, I don’t think anyone would have said he was out of line.

    I think Quinnipiac needs to be more strict about its code of conduct. There is nothing wrong with partying, except when it gets in the way of scholarship, which is what a university should be about. If students are violating student code off-campus, the best way for the university to know that is to see it.

    Should campus security have any rights not granted to a private individual when off-campus? Certainly not. But should they for some reason be barred from observing what happens off campus, and asking questions about it? I don’t see why.

  2. I’m not a QU student — I attend a community college in CT — but I disagree with QU security being able to have authority off-campus. The whole point of campus security, I thought, was to monitor the campus.

    If the party had taken place on QU property, then I could understand. It would make sense. Being that it was private property, rented by the students, it’s really none of QU’s business. Does my campus security come to my house and see whether I’m sleeping, studying or partying? No. I could understand if someone had complained about the partying, but even then, that’s a matter for the police to handle.

    It also scares me that hate crimes were committed and the police were not involved. Campus security is for just that — security. When something threatens campus security, the police are called. Security guards are like a babysitter. They can monitor the kids and maybe give minimal punishment, but when the shit hits the fan they call Mom and Dad, who take care of things.

    From all that I’ve been reading lately, it seems like the QU administration cares more about the university’s image than the students’ rights.

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